12 June 2009

I know, two posts in two days!

Lots to say. I worked on some posters for my Twilight 2000 buildings...man I wish those railroad buildings were a mite cheaper! I put them up on the Guild under the Terrain section.

As for other news, I have some 1/76 and 1/72 scale German WWII kits up for grabs. Recent purchase that had some items that were redundant to my needs. Lemme know via the blog or PM on TMP if you're interested!

I am also getting my hands on some interesting rules sets...may I say Troops, Weapons & Tactics is a darn nice rules set, and one I may play or use as an adjunct to Force on Force WWII rules. Too Fat Lardies did a nice job with it.

A word about process driven versus effect driven. I've played process driven rules, and until recently, it was seen as THE way to do skirmish rules. Honestly? I am glad there is a movement away from that to more effect driven sets like Ambush Alley, DH/CF7B, TW & T. Honestly, I agree with the sentiment, even if you have nice kit...if your troops stink, the kit is no damn good.

Thanks to all who have visited! I appreciate the traffic!

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