01 February 2010

How to for TFL Infantry

It's pretty simple as paintjobs go.

1. Prime Black

2. Using a mix of Vallejo Pastel Green (885) and American Uniform (922), paint the exposed uniform parts, I did a American Uniform base, then a wash of Pastel Green.

3. Paint the Helmet, webgear, pouches, vest, shoulder armor, knee and elbow pads American Uniform

4. Do a dot camo with a 15/0 or a 20/0 brush (this is the eye straining part) on the Helmet, vest, and shoulder armor pads with Flat Brown (984) and German Camo Dark Green (979).

5. Paint face and hands with Dark Flesh (984) and then hit it with Privateer Flesh Wash.

6. Paint the Rifles/SAWs Dark Gray (994)

7. Flock the base and seal.

1 comment:

  1. Cool. Thanks for the FYI. Always cool to see how folks do it. Also, thanks for showcasing the infantry. I've been wondering what they look like.