12 February 2010

A lot's happening these days

Seems the 15mm TFL post had quite the effect of drumming up folks to play with..I guess "if you paint it, they will come" really does work! I am currently working on my USCMC force courtesy of QRF as well as my Hammers Slammers. I have to find suitable vehicles for the Marines. I think these ought to do nicely:

I am also working up what my Zhodani are going to look like, probably going with the New Israelis with the Advanced Gravs for that, and then the Aslan are going to be a mix of the RAFM figures, and the Felids from Khurasan.Probably go the same route with the Vargr.

As for John Connor's resistance army, I am going to get some Toyota pick up trucks from Peter Pig and mock them up with some plasticard armor. Then it's wait for Khurasan to release the Sepulvedan Resistance guys they're promising. I really can't wait for those or when AAG releases Tomorrow's War.

If we thought 2009 rocked for 15mm Sci Fi...Wait till 2010 is through.


  1. Hey PF, it's GG from the AAG forums here.
    I didn't know about your traveller alien plans, I'm also going to be working on more travller forces soon for the Guild group build (my tasks are: character figures, assorted personalities including various criminals and mercs, imperial force, rebel human/alian force, tanks and a small starship, a close escort/SDB to be precise). As fo the resistance vehicles, Peter Pig are good, I've also upgraded various toy cars for my post-apoc gangs, I think they might work for your project too.

  2. For Vargr, let me suggest Protolene Khanate figures from Critical Mass Games. I've got some and am looking forward to painting them up.

  3. @Jage,
    That's you? Man, we are getting to be so alike it's scary. I will follow that with more than a bit of interest.

    I am also looking at them, but either way I plan to mix both...it'll give them a rag tag feel I think Vargr should have.

  4. The Protolenes' armor might be good for a light battle armor/ battledress in Traveller. I think CMG also has plans for a Protolene walker.