16 February 2010

Mark the Date! Feb 27th!

Hi all,
The DC Gaming Group is proud to announce it's first meeting! Feb 27th at 1:30 PM at the Pallisades Neighborhood Library in Northwest DC. This may not be a permanent solution due to time constraints and such, and I am looking into other options, stay tuned on that.

We'll be playing some Dirtside II 6mm stuff to kinda get to know each other and get our feet wet. So come on by, it will be the Small PAL meeting room.


  1. Are you sure we shouldn't play FWC, it might be easier to pick up for some. I guess we could always find them online, if one needed to. Anything else anyone wants to play would be fine by me I'd just suggest that if it is something people wouldn't be likely to be familiar with to bring game aids and know the rules well.

  2. Either rules set is fine Jage. I'm not married to either...if we want, we can do FWC...it would give me a chance to try it out!