28 February 2010

Our First DC Gamer meeting

Attendance was good, with three out of our six members being in attendance, myself, Jage, and an old friend of mine, Chris Hyland. I decided to run Fistful of TOWs because I had a lot less painted 6mm than I thought I'd had (With the exception of Battletech 'Mechs). So, onward and upward!

The game was a British Armor Battalion with elements of another one, plus some scratch Brit and German forces against a Soviet Regiment of T-64 and BTR-70, I had a shot up Polish Regiment backing them up (T-72 and BMP-1). Well, I led off with the T-64s on the right, and the Brits opened up at long range. Forced a platoon to run. I returned fire with AT-8 (Only thing that would scratch the paint on a Challenger), didn't even manage that...then the slaughter really began. In the next turn, the T-64 Battalion evaporated under 120mm fire. So, I brought in the Polish T-72s....they didn't even last that long. So, I tried to get the Infantry forward under cover of the hills...no dice, the Brits hung back, and shelled the Soviet infantry into submission. That battalion broke, then the regiment failed it's quality check, at that point, the Polish battalion wasn't going to go forward alone, so it was game over. Only Brit casualties was some Challengers forced off with 120mm Mortar fire. My one airstrike bombed the wrong target.

There was some thought about modifying the scenario, reducing the brits, which I think would have worked, or starting them further back, also a good suggestion, both from Jage, incidentally. I think I probably also should have had more Soviets. Probably two full regiments, or perhaps three. FFT eats battalions, especially Soviet ones like popcorn. Then again, that's not totally unrealistic.

Sadly, I forgot a camera. Do'h! Next time, I will remember!

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