19 February 2010

Met some fellows from TMP...and I can finally put names and faces to them!

Went downtown last night (what am I saying, I LIVE THERE...it's a running theme), where I met Jovian1 and Gallowglas from TMP and we ate at Fuddruckers (No jokes about the name please). We had planned on Chinese...but due to my startling lack of a sense of direction..I got us lost. Oh yeah, I can just imagine what would happened with a map and a compass....

We had a good discussion, some of which I won't relate...as it's not my place to, but the parts about GG's views on gaming realism, or lack thereof (he clearly lies in the "at the end of the day, it's a freaking game" school, as do I), were especially illuminating. Too often, I think we're wrapped up in the crunchy bits or nits of the hobby and we just don't think hard enough about the fact that our entertainment happens to be derived from somebody's moment of sheer terror. I'm not having a change of heart about the hobby, far from it, but I feel by doing the prep work right...any fun that is had in a modern or WWII game, can be, if done with reverence for the subject matter, a sort of memorial to those that did the actual deed. Research is your friend in this hobby, and though many historians disagree with me, I find eyewitnesses are a useful part of that. Thanks for reminding me, Gallowglas. And Jovian1 and Gallowglas pointed out a few truths that are of use to anyone thinking of running "cops and robbers" games.

In other news, I am discovering the joys of Kneadite. And are they many...Damn why didn't I buy this sooner! This stuff rocks...I'm just learning it's uses...and who knows...I really would like to learn how to sculpt. Maybe I'll just sculpt those long sought after 20mm Philippine Army folks for Baatan myself. I may not get them any other way...So, if you have any places I can learn the ways of the Kneadite Force, as it were, point them out so I can learn them and get better.

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