24 February 2010

Something I posted on TMP, but I'd love to develop this further

It's a new year, and I thought it might be time for us to voice things we'd like to see in the future with various miniatures lines and from specific manufacturers to supplement existing lines? These opinions are mine alone, but I'd like to hear from others…hey, it's why we discuss things on this board, right?

So, without further ado:

Ground Zero Games Specific items:

Tracked and Hover Alien vehicles (Something for our Alien Mercs and or other Alien races?)

More FCT poses (maybe a leader and commo pack?)

More SF Egyptian poses (I know we discussed this, but they need a Leader/HW pack.)

Hammers Slammmers (More poses, perhaps a kneeling/prone pack, some grenade launchers, and maybe some more leader types with SMG/Rifles and a tribarrel ground mount with crew?)

UNSC Hardsuits (Some kneeling and prone figures, snipers and more leader types)

FSE (Some HW (Man portable Plasma gunners and Tac Missile Teams), a leader and commo pack, and maybe snipers in both Kepi and helmet)

Militia (Mounted figures on horseback ala the 25mm line, as well as some "grizzled vets" types wearing elements of their old kit?)

Grav versions of your warbot line? (Not the MAWP, but the newer smaller bots)

NAC types in softer inertial armor ala 2300. Perhaps some could wear a mix of patrol caps and berets?

Khurasan Specific Items:

Felids (More specialist types, perhaps some sappers, a SAW gunner and a commo type?)

Critical Mass Games Specific Items:

ARC Fleet Recon (SAW Gunner Pack, I know they're supposed to be Gauss Rifles, but SAWs can carry more ammo and a bigger battery?) (Tick one on that list, the SAWs are underway and will be out this year. Posted to TMP thread 1/15)

Rebel Miniatures Specific Items:

Sahadeen Mortar/MRL teams? (Cheap arty for guerrillas), and sappers with satchel charges, limpet mines, thermobaric LAWs and flamethrowers?

EF Light Recon types? (Fatigues, floppy hats, Night Vision, heavy packs, lots of commo gear with SATCOM uplink setup, tricked out rifles and some snipers? Perhaps some with active camo cloaks?

EF downed dropship crew or POWs?

Sci fi versions of your contractors? Incorporating some elements of what you'd see in the Traveller Mercenary book.

Sahadeen HVT pack (Charismatic leader and his bodyguards?)

Other Ideas:

Some PA with "non-Western" (ala John Ford, not geographical) themes. I am thinking a mix of cast off BDUs, rags and cloaks? Maybe even some in the remains of NBC gear?

Sci Fi media crew?


  1. Like your ideas, Pzfaust.

    For GZG UNSC Hardsuits, a pack of dynamic poses like the new New Israelis would suit me fine.

    The new UNSC Light Infantry in caps would be nice as that would make them generic militia/mercs.

    Kra'Vak in new dynamic poses.

    Other riders for the NI grav bikes (UNSC for instance).

  2. I agree with you both, we do need those minis. Specially the mounted Militia and UNSC Light Infantry in caps!

    Dynamic Kra'vak poses would be excellent!

    I'd also like to see:

    Seated Militia troops, so I can put them on an opened topped Bulldog and use them as the target of an ambush!

    An alien character pack, 1 officer/leader and 1 Comm-specialist/technician each for Kra'vak, Phalon, Ixx and Mercenary aliens...or a seperate pack of 4 poses 2 of each for each of the alien races.

    More dynamic poses for NSL armoured infantry and Jagers including specialist and heavy weapons teams. The same make-over as the NAC and NI has gotten.

    Militia Mini-mule w autocannon. Why note for every faction/nation, including a Security/Police variant.