11 June 2010

DC Gamers are Rescheduling, Part Deux!

Ok folks,
Due to the fact EVERYBODY but Jage and I had to cancel, we're rescheduling for the 26th of June. Sorry it can't be sooner, but Free RPG day is the 19th and Victory told me they aren't giving ANYONE table space. Is what it is I am afraid, so we're going to shoot for the 26th.

In an a related note. Guys, we need input on scheduling. I'm not casting blame, but this is the second month in a row we've had to reschedule, and honestly, it's getting a bit done. So folks, if certain weekends don't work for you, lemme know so we don't pick those weekends. As a rule, we going to try for the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month from now on, and I wanna be somewhat more organized about all this, organization will help us grow as an club to a stable membership!

So guys, input is good. I wanna hear from you.

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