23 June 2010

New Hammers Slammers Book review.

The Crucible arrived. And from first glance, it was gorgeous. Nice full color photos, glossy pages, hard cover sewn in binding...my only complaint is that some of my pages near the spine stuck together and there was some tearing getting them apart, but no real damage.

So, as for bang for your buck? It depends. If you're:

a) a rabid Hammer's Slammers Fan
b) need dozens of painting ideas.
c) liked the rules from the first two books
d) would like everything in one place.

Then it's worth it if three or more reasons applied. As a art book with rules, I think it admirably serves it's purpose. I was happy to see some mention of 15mm, even if the book is mainly geared to 25mm...and I really am hoping we get 15mm Molts before too long (Down in front GZG!!). But it's a decent product for the price if your interests lie that way. All of the vehicles one sees in 25mm are available for the most part in 15mm, with the exception of a few vehicles, and figures can be substituted when required. All in all I was pretty impressed.

Other than the minor quibbles I mentioned, and the fact I wish they had put the play cards separate. (PDF's better than nothing however), I was pretty happily surprised with the level of production and the new items in the book (Most of it being an amalgam of previous WI articles and stuff from the two old books), which in of itself, is very welcome. Is it pricy, yes. But for the production value, it's better than some of the stuff I see coming out of RPG companies of late.

All in all, I give it 3.5 out of four stars, solid product and worth the money.

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