25 June 2010

The Death of Paddy Griffith, and the end of legends.

I found out this morning, from TMP, like many, that Wargaming fixture, luminary and published author Dr. Paddy Griffith had died. I didn't know Paddy, except through his work on the ACW and WWI which I read as part of my ROTC courses (My Asst. Professor of Military Science was a big military history nerd, like me). I didn't agree with everything Paddy wrote. Got an "A" for my paper on how I thought he was wrong, but I appreciated the tone and the thoroughness of his work just the same. He made me think. I like to think I am half the amateur historian today because of the fact he did.

It's sad to see the luminaries who made this hobby what it is today leave us. The only three I've ever met were Don Featherstone, Wally Simon, and Larry Bond (Think I drove Larry nuts, but I was 12 and in the presence of someone I admired, a lot). Paddy was one of those men. Like Charles S. Roberts, Jack Scruby, Charles Grant, and Wally Simon (another legend I knew well, I took it hard when he left us). I know death comes for us all in it's time, but with men such as these, it's difficult to say anything other than "too soon, too damn soon".

RIP Paddy, save us a chair at the bar at the never-ending convention in the sky.

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