24 June 2010

My upcoming weekend!

I am going to be busier than well, a lot of folks this weekend. I have the following on my plate:

1. A 28mm Renaissance Pike and Shot game with the folks from NoVA Gamer's Pavilion. This was a last minute thing I will be attending and it's by the same folks from last month's Irish Rebellion game, which was a hoot, so I am expecting more of the same here.

2. The 5th Meeting of DC Gamers at Victory Comics. I know we've got two attendees for sure excluding myself. This will probably be the last playtest of TW we do for a bit, assuming things go as well as they have thus far. I think the game's well on target for the release that Shawn intends to make, even with his recent move.

3. I want to get some work done on finishing up my Slammers before Saturday. They are basically being flocked and sprayed as we speak. Might be pics up of the lot by tomorrow. I think they came out better than I had reason to hope IMO.

4. I'm starting to get things together for 6mm moderns in Iran. Now if somebody could show me a place on what Iranian vehicles looked like, was it just a desert tan paintjob with a roundel? If so, makes my job easier, don't it?

5. Awaiting the release of FFT 3. Ty please get this out soon! My copy of 2 is looking like it went 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. Even if it's a PDF only release, something's better than nothing!

That's all for now fellow readers!

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