14 June 2010

Other wargaming ramblings from the weekend.

Well, I sent along some of my 6mm Sci-fi to Jage. He wanted stuff to paint, and it's sitting around waiting to be painted. I figure I give him a slow drip of stuff. Keeps him busy and us playing (and easier on the wallet). My limited amount of GZG stuff is next, then it's going to be the Stan Johansen and mix of old GHQ. Then, the rest of the Ogre and Classic Battletech stuff. Once all that's done? We organize it into some units. Probably will supplement it with my moderns and 'Mechs so we can get some games of FWC in.

The Slammers are all painted, I need to get them flocked, 4 figures are already done, and I figure at the rate of four a night...I can have the lot done in 8 days or so. I'll probably do it sooner I suspect. As for what's next? I think getting started on my Caliph's army for Djazlah, which are going to double as French Militia for Aurore. After that, probably the Terminator Humans, then the Colonial Marines. I kinda need the militia done soon as it would be useful for the TW playtest that's coming on the 26th. Shame Jage won't be there, but I hope others will make it. Heck, I even got some work done on Blood Upon the Risers.

I am going to pick up The Crucible book that's come out for the Slammers. It looks like a fine work from the PDF previews I've seen and paradoxically, it's cheaper to get from the publisher than from OMM? Um, huh? I want to get some more done on the 15mm side before I go and work on any of my other stuff, mostly getting my 6mm moderns closer to done and get my Germans out there and played with! I also want to look at what I'm going to need to do US Light and Medium weight forces for FFT (Think USMC, 82nd and 101st, and the sadly lamented 9th Light Division). I already have a regimental sized formation for my Soviet Paras, wouldn't take much to build that into a full division, and frankly, I may at some point do it. As for the Iranians? Probably a brigade is all I intend to build, with another brigade of Pasdaran. (Three-four bags from Hallmark should do the trick).

All in all, I think things are going swimmingly. I've made a real dent in the painting pile, and by end of summer, Djazlah might be well on it's way. I am rather happy about that, and there might be some 15mm vehicles from Old Crow I want to grab, along with some more IF types. I think that might wait a bit, but hey, I've got some time.

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