07 June 2010

The latest from the painting front, and the family-gaming intersect!

The third squad of Slammers is done. Gotta get the platoon HQ done, but that's a small thing, along with the dismounted vehicle crew and the recon section in skimmers. Then it's onward and upward, I'm either tempted to do the Terminator humans and/or the USCMC for my Aliens stuff. It's a conundrum..not to mention my 20mm really does deserve some attention.

Also, wanted to mention our 5th meeting of DC Gamers is June 12th at Victory Comics. I hope by now interested parties know where this is. If not, I'll simply direct you to read the appropriate blog entry here.

In other news, DC Gamers has a potential new member. My stepfather. He's retiring from the Army and as newly retired folks are wont to do...he's driving mom a bit nuts (Mom, I know you and Lou are reading this...I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it's true). So, I figured, get him gaming and around people. Mom, I'm going to say this now, he gets back into the hobby? I am not responsible for the following:

Packages from England or elsewhere being more secret than what he used to work on, the garage being turned into a workspace and enough lead and resin to be investigated by the EPA, not to mention the ever present "Hey, I can make terrain/scratchbuild/something clever out of this!"

It'll be good for him, honest. I think...All else fails, you and my wife can commiserate. If she doesn't get you reading TMP first...and really being horrified. Just kidding.

But really, it'll be good all around, I think. And look at it this way..if he's out late...you'll know without a doubt where he is! Which considering I am not as young as I used to be...and that whole real life thing, is NOWHERE near as often as it used to be. And to be honest Battletech is probably the only game I play where things go on for that long. And how often, dear reader, do I write about that anymore?


  1. First thing... pictures! (please...)

    Secondly, it will be great to add another member to our little covey. He'll be welcomed in warmly if his reception is anything like the one I had from you guys. Say, what periods is he interested in?

    Also, Black Powder should be arriving in the next few hours, so I'm quite happy!

    PS: What are you thinking about doing for Saturday? Maybe we can discuss this over chat.

  2. 1. Not too sure what period he's into, he's a former RPGer who was interested in my CBT stuff, but I know Nappys ain't his thing.

    Black Powder, well, if that's the case, hmm, perhaps I procure a copy...but then the wife might kill me if I start buying Victrix Plastic 28s...though it's damn tempting...and I already have a copy of Sharpe Practise!

  3. 1- That's fine, it just means more possibilities. Perhaps something based on traveller might interest him. I'm not really into Nappys either, it's the budget required plus the fact I'd lose my sanity (what's left of it, I am a wargamer!) trying to paint the thousands of little figures.

    2- I thought I had told you I was getting BP. I'm planning on doing it in 10mm, aren't you?

  4. Sat. is out for me. US v. England in the World Cup, etc. I also have to wrap two articles for the DAB, which are due on the 15th.