31 May 2010

Not too much to report, but progress is being made.

Started the third squad of Slammers. I'm about halfway through on basecoats, so I should be done tonight. I figure with some effort, I may FINALLY get the Slammers done next weekend. Hey, I did have things to do this Memorial Day! ;-)

In other news, I got a bunch of vehicles put together, including all my Caffertas and another of my PP Pickup Trucks. I made this one with some Plasticard armor over the windows and an an armored "box" for the truck bed. I think it's going to look great when I paint it! So. I guess I did get some work done.

I took a bunch of stuff down off of the Spring Cleaning thread, and traded them off to Noble Knight, along with a bunch of old XTR ziplock games I am never going to play again. In any event, I am rather happy with the store credit offer I am getting and I do plan to put it to the best use I can, including getting the D8s I really do need. I might finally have enough of them, dagnabit!

I am rather happy with the pace of my 15mm Sci-fi, sure it's slow, but when your eyesight is like mine, I'd rather take my time and save my sight then either rush it or push too hard. I am sure many gamers are in the same boat, and yes, I use A TON of light. I just got a foldup workspace light I really do enjoy. Gets the job done, and it's small and powerful..very recommended and got it for a good price at Utrecht.

I am glad to see AAG's making a lot of progress with Osprey. I am rather ecstatic to see this happen for the crew, good people are hard to find and Shawn and company qualify. Their progress puts many larger companies to shame. And they really do subscribe to the "no game before it's time". Quality shows.

I procured some Rebel Minis Riot Police and the Post-Apoc Survivalists. Both were the usual high quality one can expect from Rebel. The Post Apoc guys were an answer to my prayers especially, as one of them looks a lot like a certain female cyborg for my terminator army....And there's another figure that will do well for John. Yep, the more I can procure, the better. And the Scene's new cyborg line will do well for the older model cyborgs one sees in Terminator Salvation (The rest of the movie, ehh. But, I liked the Machines, with the singular exception of the Mototerminators).

That's it for now, patience all, the rest of the Slammers are coming!

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