04 March 2010

Armies and Flags of Djazlah, Part 2

Flag and Army of the Emir of Djazlah

Gazi Al-Hazi the V, Son of Hekmatyr, Emir of Djazlah. He is currently a Emir without a throne, and he is waging an increasingly ignoble war to do so. He has gone from interstellar playboy to hardened killer who is determined to take back his world and avenge his father’s death, whatever the cost to him, his followers and ultimately, the people of his world. He shows the French interlopers no mercy at all either. To him, they are worse than the Caliph, they are jackals feeding on the home of his birthright.

His army consists of:

1 battalion of the Elite “Steel Hand” who are light raiding troops who specialize in raiding mining convoys from heavily armed jeeps. Often travelling for weeks in the Caliph’s territory in fast and heavily armed light wheeled and half-tracked vehicles.

4 brigades of motorized infantry (Regular), the units often operate in platoon sized elements, launching raids and occasional smash and grabs against French held mines and outlying Caliph firebases and checkpoints. Each brigade consists of three battalions and are equipped with a mix of pre-war equipment, imported gear, and impressed civilian vehicles.

4 brigades of regional forces of four battalions each. These organizations are scattered amongst the isolated lowlands of the northeastern end of the continent where the emir has his base of support. These are part-time soldiers who rarely stray far from their homes and usually end up defending their homes from attacks from the Caliph’s men, or the French.

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