04 March 2010

Flags and summaries of the major factions on Djazlah, Part 1

Flag of the Caliphate of Djazlah:

Banner of the Army of Ibn Hauk Al Mhazdi, the Munificent, the conqueror of Al-Hazi the wicked.

Al-Mhazdi is the puppet ruler of the French dominated colony. His main job is to keep the populace pacified and the French mines unmolested either by the remains of the Emir's forces, or the thick-necked Sahadi from the highlands. He has the following forces at his disposal:

The Caliphs Guard Brigade (Elite Hover Mech brigade of 4 battalions, one is on duty at the Caliph's palace at all times on a rotating basis, with the other three battalions rotating between the starport, the Caliph's summer palace and their barracks on the north end of the capital).

3 Armored Cav Regiments, named the Abd-El-Krim Regiment, the Ahmed Belbachir Haskouri Regiment, and the Saladin Regiment (3 squadrons of battalion size each) (Regulars) (Scattered in penny packets as QRFs to back up the scattered infantry garrisons along the lowlands and foothills bordering the highlands. Equipment is imported light tracked armor and APCs.

1 4 Battalion Motorized Infantry Brigade, 1st "Host of the Caliph" Brigade (Regulars) (Equipment is imported wheeled APCs from French surplus) (Unit is often deployed as part of the QRFs in concert with the Armored Cav Regiments)

3 Infantry Brigades of 5 battalions each, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Brigades (Regulars), the units are newly raised by the French and are equipped by them wholly, units are moved by impressed civilian trucks.

2 "Soldiers of the Holy" Reserve Divisions and a Motorized Brigade of reservists. These units have never been called up and their performance if they actually would probably be dubious at best.

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