25 March 2010

The Mat arrived! And other ideas.

Well, my mat from Hotz Artworks arrived. I was suitably impressed, though the wife referred to it as a "piece of felt". The mat was solid, no bald patches or discolorations and it glided! Figures are going to move like butter on that thing...eventually, I will get a desert mat for Djazlah. Sometimes, I wish she was a bit more understanding of the hobby, but I understand her POV...we're a bit cramped. And yeah, I might be culling the collection again at some point, when that is? Dunno. In any event, right now, I am happily assimilating some DLD Productions Komodos I managed to acquire. It's a shame the guy isn't making the stuff anymore, he did some AMAZING work. They're going to go with the DLD I already had to make up the core force of the Emir's army(Be nice if I could get some more Bengals though). If anyone out there has other DLD stuff they want to get rid of in 15mm, lemme know. I'm always on the lookout for it. Same goes for the old Grenadier 20mm figures for Twilight 2000.

There's some other gaming related stuff that's going on for me right now. I can't talk about it..NDA's involved you know. Needless to say, it's very cool. I am enjoying my hobby again...it's been a while. My painting is VERY productive and Jage is really spurring me on with his own work. Now if I can get some time to get my OWN Sahadeen done!

Yes, I know the 20mm has taken a back seat, but right now, it's the 15mm that's showing some promise. Not only that...I'm thinking of getting my Modern US and Stargate stuff done for October. I think a Zombie themed game would for October's meeting WOULD ROCK HARD!


  1. What size is the mat?
    I got a few Sahadeen painted last night. To be honest I not entirely pleased with Rebel Minis. I think the problems stem from moulding and the realease agent used leading the metal to be grainy and brittle in some places. The way some of the poses went through the mould also mean that there was lots of flash and some details were flattened away. I realize that the models can't be prefect but they could certainly be better. I'll continue to paint them but it certainly is annoying and the problems are reallly slowing down the process.

  2. 6 ft by 3ft 9 in.

    Next time, try soaking the figs in a bit of dishsoap and water. It'll minimize on the problems with the release agent. You might have also gotten a bad batch..I'll take a look when we meet again.