05 March 2010

Flags and Armies of Djazlah, Part 4

French forces on Djazlah:

12e Demi-Brigade de la Légion Étrangère (Provisionale)
I/Regiment Etranger de Aero Infantrie (from Regiment Etranger De Aero-Infantrie)
II/1e Regiment Etranger Parachutiste (from 2e REP)
III/1e REC (from 1e Regiement Etranger de Cavalrie)
II/5e REI (from 5e Regiment Etranger de Infantrie)
1 company from II/6e REG (Regiment Etranger de Genie)
1 battery from II/1e REA (Regiment Etranger de Artillerie)

The II/5e REI and the III/1e REC spend most of their time running patrols and convoys along the roads and wadis of the lowlands on Djazlah. The I/REAI and II/1e REP are held in readiness as strike forces against enemy concentrations and often work in conjunction with teams from 1e RIPMa against identified targets in the highlands and northwest lowlands.

Equipment is French Army standard, including the blueish-gray "combat bleus" but the troops wear the "Kepi de Combat" which is a dark green instead of the conspicuous "Kepi Blanc". However, many units still stubbornly wear the Kepi Blanc, even in action. The helmet is the standard Mle 2200, with flip down HUD goggles and "Net de Tactique" tie in.

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