15 March 2010

And they say running a blog is easy...Hah! New release from GZG for their 25s line...now if only these were in 15s....

But, knowing GZG, I suspect the 15mm line is well in hand. I really like the look of these guys.

The TMP story can be found here

UPDATE: This just in from GZG when I asked Jon about the prospect of these fellas in 15mm:

No plans at the moment, but it's not impossible......

Jon (GZG)

All I can say is, folks, warm up the email and ask, nicely for them. They look great in 25mm and the Molts were a neat, unique race in the fiction I've read. So Jon, what say you sir? Up to the challenge? I think so, what, with all the really nice 15mm releases thus far!


  1. Shouldn't these guys be wearing a loin cloth or something?

  2. From the story...I think they're egg laying hermaphrodites...not sure on the hermaphrodite part.