16 March 2010

A little late, but here goes. DC Gamer Meeting this weekend.

The DC Gaming Group is proud to announce it's second meeting! March 20th at 1:00 PM at the Pallisades Neighborhood Library in Northwest DC. This is the last meeting at this location, Future meetings will be held at Victory Comics.

We'll be playing some Force On Force 20mm WWII, the scenario's set in the sunny seaside town of Anzio. The natives are showing their typical Teutonic hospitality. So come on by, it will be the Large PAL meeting room.

We'd be especially grateful if you happen to have a groundsheet. Mine is not going to make it in time from Hotz Mat.

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  1. Technically the room reservation starts at 1:00 pm and there's no one, as far as I know, before us that could be leaving late. If anyone has a good gaming mat they'd be willing to let us use please contact one of us.