12 March 2010

Started on the Combat Cars and got some custom decals

I am proving to be very productive of late. I am working on the Hammers Slammers Combat Cars, and I should finish them by next week at the latest. They are a fast paint job, being monochromatic. Heck, I think the weathering and the stowage add some color to what would be some very drab vehicles otherwise. But, that's the way Drake wrote them, and they seem to work for the unit. But, I gotta say, the next unit I paint is going to be a bit more lively.

I am working on color scheme ideas for both the Caliph's Army, as well as the Emir's. As i got custom decals to go with the flags I worked up. They're roundels that match the flag colors. I am liking the shape and unique scheme of the roundels, they have a sci-fi look to them for sure.

I have also been working on detailed TOEs of late, and I'll post them as soon as I have the time. I promise to keep more coming with Djazlah. It's proven to be a popular idea and I want to game it as soon as I can. I have and am getting the figures for the place. 15mm Sci-fi is proving to be quite the place to be in wargaming these days. That's all for now.

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