12 May 2010

2010 Spring Cleaning-UPDATED 5/20, more stuff going up soon!

Items for Sale/Trade:

Tac Publications- Arc of Fire- $5
Two Hour Wargames- Chain Reaction 1st Ed- $1

Gurps 3rd Ed (All large books are $5 and small books are $2.50)
High Tech (L)
Compendium 1(L)
Time Travel (L)


GHQ W38 SO-120 1pk - $4
H & R German BP 44 Armored Train ($12)

12 20mm Skytrex Modern Russians in Winter Coats +1 AGS-17 and 1 AT-3 Sagger $14

Prices don’t include shipping.

What am I looking for in trade?

15mm Sci fi: Anything Old Crow, Combat Wombat, Brigade Models or DLD. GZG NSL Armored Figures, or the new Hover Vehicles, Khurasan Space Demons. Any buildings.

20mm WWII : FAA Norwegians, Belgians, Poles, Early War Germans. Also Hungarians for later war. 100mm Soviet ATG or 76mm FG. US 76mm ATG or 1/72 Scale US M8 or M20 Armored Cars, Soviet SU-76, BA-10. Pak 97/38 75mm Hybrid ATG. FAA or SGMM USMC, or Ehliem or SGMM Winter Germans or Americans. Also, Ehliem Panzer Lehr or LWFD.

20mm Cold War 1980s: Any British light vehicles. Soviet UAZ-469, OT-64, T-62, ZSU-23-4. ZU-23, Anything suitable for Iranians. Libmins Brits, especially SF.

15mm RCW: Just about anything figures wise.

1/285: M-47, M-48s, Soviet Towed Artillery (any), F-4s, Su-17/22s.

Rules: Modern Spearhead, Fistful of Tows II, Cold War Commander.

If interested, email me at jason.weiser@gmail.com

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