12 May 2010

REMINDER: 4th Meeting of DC Miniature Gamers

The Date: May 15th, 2010

Time: 11ish (we're not fanatics about this)

Place: Victory Comics
586 S. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA

We'll be having a closed playtest of TW, but I think an after game with straight FoF rules can be accomplished. I may even, possibly, by some bloody miracle, get the damned Slammers done before the game...

Let me know one way or the other whether or not you're coming. Also to be discussed, more frequency in meetings and or variety of games as well as the discovery of some folks in Alexandria.


  1. Ack that. Let me know if you need transportation. I have to clear out by 4 p.m.

  2. NP, I probably will, but I will call for sure tomorrow!