02 May 2010

SITREP and some other matters.

First off, I got some new paints and figures lately, including some Khurasan Resistance guys and Cafferta APCs for my QRF marines. I'll keep you posted on that, but I wanna finish the Slammer infantry first. I just haven't had the time to do a lot of painting recently due to some home fires that needed tending.

In other news, the next meeting at Victory Comics is scheduled for May 15th at Victory Comics. It's a really nice place and we got a good table for the purpose. Now all we gotta do is get some more playtests in. TW is going to be a great rules set, I promise you.

Blood Upon The Risers is slightly delayed, as I need time to work out the nature of the scenarios, and it will be the next "guinea pig" I subject the group to when we're done with TW testing. But then again, sci-fi's real popular with us..but hey, you got time and an idea? Come on by!

That's all for now. Hope to see you there!

Also, I forgot to mention, we have a meetup group now, so if you're in the area, let us know and we'll love to have you attend our events!

Link to Meetup Group!

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