21 May 2010

And the news just keeps coming from AAG!

More from Shawn and Osprey..all I can say is this is REALLY good news.

We’re excited to announce that the partnership between Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley Games continues to grow! Our partnership has expanded to include the publication of an Osprey version of Tomorrow’s War, our highly anticipated science fiction title, in 2011. This print version will be illustrated with specially commissioned artwork from some very talented science fiction artists.

In the meanwhile, we still intend to release a PDF version of the rules in 2010. We promised our customers that they’d be playing Tomorrow’s War this year and we’re going to keep that promise. Our Tomorrow’s War in PDF will contain all the rules and scenarios that will be featured in the print version, but the format will be printer friendly with far fewer illustrations and photos. Think of the PDF version as a full pre-release that allows players to dive into Tomorrow’s War sooner than later.
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This is really exciting, being a playtester, and knowing how much work this game has had put into it. It's exciting folks. I can't say more than that, but if you can think of it with regards to SF gaming, you can do it with these rules. They are that flexible. The AA engine works VERY well for sci-fi and the friction and chaos of your favorite movie or book comes through extremely well. With Osprey's lush visual standards? You can't lose here IMO.

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