17 May 2010

New Blogs and painting

Two freinds of mine have put up new blogs, I'm going to mention them here because I think they need encouragement and a general welcome to blogland.

The first is Kreiger's Wargaming Records. It's got a clean look and the pictures are good quality. I am really enjoying the work he's putting in with the Cafferta from Khurasan. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

The second is GG's Log of Miniature Wargaming. This is another friend of mine who reminds me of me a bit back when. He's only got one post, but his painting work is darn good and I want to encourage him to share more of it on his blog.

As for my own painting? I got another squad of Slammers done, and I hope to get more done this week. Now that I've found a rhythm for painting them, as well as a color scheme I like...it's pretty easy to get the job done. 15s are fun like that. I think I can probably get the lot done by Wed/Thurs at the worst. And when they are done, look for a TFL-style write up for them...I really had fun with that.

In other news, Rebel Minis has released these nifty PA survivors who I think may get added to my Human Resistance army for Terminator...now I just gotta paint the darn lot up!

Not much else left, other than take a look at the Spring Cleaning list, theres a couple more items that are going up as I remember to put them there, and that which is there is going a bit briskly. Also, for those local, our postponed meeting is THIS weekend.

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