19 May 2010

My Wargaming projects

Inspired by Krieger..I'm taking stock of where I am now Wargaming wise...and it's not as bad as I think...

20mm WWII

Germans: I've got a short SS platoon and a Platoon of Late War regulars, I am filling it in with more K-98 armed fellows and a dismounted 2nd LMG for the regulars, along with some personality figures (COI set from FAA, some mounted SS Cav and the Volksturm) the SS have their extra stuff (except for some extra Ehliem personality fellows)! My late war FJs need to be organized and painted, and other than that and I have more than enough vehicles for them. Will pick up guys eventually to do LWFD and Lehr, but that's a bit down the road. So, Late War Germans are done. I can do up to Bulge, I will probably get some Winter Krauts for them eventually. EW Germans are in the nacent stage, but I intend on a Platoon each of SS, FJ and Regulars. Have a nutty idea to get a German Armed trawler to duel with my Soviet Gunboats.

US: The US stuff is kinda haphazard, my Paras are painted more late war than Normandy, and I will paint up some for that period, and my regulars need to be organized a bit. I think if I just sit down and paint it, it'll get done to a level I need. Vehicles are mostly done, but need to build some Shermans for the summer days as well as some more Winter Americans. SGMM will come in handy here. Also want to get my hands on some ACs and M16 Quad .50 HT's for them.

Brits: Done, except they need some lighter stuff, some Fireflies and probably the Paras/Commandos need a bit of filling out. Got enough Britannia to fill out the Canadians, -2 Bren guns...Hope Wargames fills that back-order. Think I've got most of what I need for BEF. Want a Matilda or two for that.

Russians: I may have the proverbial Russian Horde, hell I am not sure how much Russian I have. I am probably just getting some 45mm and 100mm ATG and a SU-76 or three and call it done. May get some lighter boats for my Russian Sailors.

French '40: Pretty much done, may get a 25mm ATG for them, but other than that, just gotta paint 'em.

Belgians '40: Got some second hand, building more later.

Norwegians '40: See above.

Dutch '40: I am done painting and collecting. Got some spare figs that I will filter into my Marines, but other than that...we're good.

US 1941: Need to get a field gun for them and the SGMM mortar and AAMG packs, but I have what I need for them.

Japanese: Got one squad painted, and a ton unpainted...time to fill out the rest.

20mm Post Apocalyptic Cold War Moderns

Soviets/Warpac: Got what I need, except for some fellow in Greatcoats. I really like the Libmins stuff better. Will acquire at some point. May get some Afghansi types for BUTR. I do want to get them some trucks, a ZSU-23-4 and a couple of UAZs.

US: Same. Just need to paint/repaint, as needed. May pick up some specialty to fill out as I need to. May get some more for my BUTR project.

Brits: See above. May pick up some SF to fill this lot out. Need to get them some more light vehicles.

Germans: Have what I need, but was Flecktarn common in the mid-90s? And would G-36 really have been issued in a continuing Cold War? And, do I get the East Germans and just paint them with Olivgrun uniforms?

Armed Civvies: Got plenty, need to work up some other items for them, but that's a case of modifying some BEVO pickup trucks I got in a deal.

Iranians: Ok, I think a mix of some insurgent types on the market now, mixed with some of the Afghani and multipurpose lines would work well for Pasdaran, As for the other items? Well, that's going to be Ehliem West Germans. Maybe a seperate unit of their Pakistanis?

15mm Sci-Fi:

Hammers Slammers: Got what I need, I just need to finish painting it.

Terminator: Other than an Air HK I got from GZG, and some of those Spider Drones, I think we're good here. Got to paint the polymorphs I got, as well as the humans!

Aurore 2300: TFL's done, May get them some tanks later. French need some vehicles, as well as to be painted, as do the Kafers. I think the Heavy APCs from GZG look very Kafer. Eventually a German and US force will be built. I also have some cops and armed civvies that will work well for the Tanstaffl militia. The French Militia I have covered too. Dunno what I will use for US Army and Marines (Edit: Just realized, Rebel minis Hardtop EF Marines will fit the bill rather well, and there's a lot of choices in Hover APCs for the Marines. I've got some wheeled vehicles for the Army as they're going to be a from a Light Mech Brigade)., was thinking the FCT types, which I have, but I am not as nuts about them as I used to be. The NAC will be the Brits, I just need to get them some vehicles.

Aliens: USCMC is done, have some extra figures promised to GG. Just gotta paint it.
Aliens, will fill out my QRF holdings with some Khurasan Space Demons.

Stargate, my way: Got the figs except for some more Jaffa. Gotta paint it

Djazlah: Have the figures to do it, may need some more vehicles, for both the Emir and the Caliph, but that will be relatively easy.

Traveller: Got the figures, GG's making the APCs for the Imperial Marines, Army's going to be my CMG Arc Fleet Recon guys. GZG Hi-Tech Grav for the vehicles. As for the Zhos? New Israelis from GZG and their Advanced Grav. Got the figs for Aslan, but not sure about vehicles. Vargr will be a mix of RAFM and GZG. Also have some RAFM stuff for the generic lower-tech troops/Swordies/mercs (mix them with the OUDF fellas I have).

The UNSC I picked up? Mixed with the Rebel Minis spies...Generic SF types.

I also have some odds and sods, probably going to be some generic baddies or alien hordes types, though the more ridiculous stuff may go. Stay tuned on that.

6mm Sci Fi

Real mix of Battletch, Ogre, GZG, Stan Johansen, and some Brigade Models stuff. I may even have some GW Epic...not real sure. I do have a LOT of 'Mechs. Not planning on getting anything more till I organize and paint this lot.

6mm Modern

Soviets: Got plenty, maybe a few more T-62s and some BTR-50s/152s but we're done. Just paint more. Also, some Soviet Airborne types (infantry).

West Germans: Done, may get some Light Infantry, Just paint

Brits: Need some Warriors and more Challeys. And, some more FV-432.

US: Done with Germany, Iran plans are coming along, want to just get some US light forces built.

Iran: Very early in the process. My Brits can do double duty to SOME extent here. And I have 113s coming out of my ears. Need lots of infantry for these fellas.

Terrain needs

Roads, Rivers, Forest bases (one can make those out of felt), more hills, walls and some more farm like buildings, but I got plenty of everything else. Also need jungle and swamp terrain for my Pacific stuff. And, a desert mat.

Long post...phew.


  1. WOW! That's a lot of stuff. Stargate sounds like it would be fun. For the Imperial Army maybe we could use my RM Earth Force troops. They have a certain Traveller look to them, yet still look like lighter troops than the marines. I wanted to do some Zhodani, so I can take that one, just send me what you were thinking for the TO&E and I''l place an order soon.

  2. I've got all those figures, it's just a question of painting them. I may use the Rebel in hardtop for the US Marines for 2300AD, with Old Crow hover APCs for their transport.