20 May 2010

New doings at Ambush Alley Games

Well folks, this is very good news all around.

The Osprey deal is already bearing fruit..and it's a darn good time to join the SOG...I have.

To quoth Shawn:
As part of our ongoing partnership, Osprey Publishing is offering SOG members a special discount on Osprey products. Simply enter the Osprey discount code when submitting your order to receive a 15% discount on your purchase. Note that this 15% discount is in ADDITION to any other discount or sale that Osprey may have in place for that product! That can add up to some big savings!

SOG members will, of course, continue to enjoy their 15% discount on all AAG published materials as well as the many discounts offered by supporting vendors such as QRF, Rebel Minis, S&S, etc.

If you've been thinking about joining SOG, now is a good time!

Wow, the behind the scenes stuff must be going well if it's moving this fast already.

For more information about SOG, and how to join:

Click Here

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